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Born in Rimini in 1990. I’m a Graphic and Web Designer living and working in Milan. I’m specialized in editorial projects, identities, web design and exhibition design.

I worked at Dondina Associati, Pietro Corraini Studio | Corraini Edizioni (in Milan) and Studio Lupo & Burtscher (in Bolzano). Now I'm a freelance.

2018 — 2019: Web Design at Cfp Bauer, Milan
2012 — 2013: Graphic Design at Cfp Bauer, Milan
2009 — 2012: Bachelor in Printmaking at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan.

Workshops and collateral activities
March 2019: "Type & Code," workshop by SOS Scuola Open Source Bari @ WeMake Milano, with Daniele Capo.
March 2019: tutor with Federica Ricci for "Design Confession," SUPER Officina Grafica for BASE Milano, workshop by Scuola del Castello Sforzesco.
September 2018: Finalist at "A new image for Pinocchio", CODE contest (in collaboration with Michele Santella).
November 2016: "Bell’Italia", workshop with Studio Mut during the 2016 Graphic Design Days, Turin.
January 2016: Tutor for "Attra-verso," a workshop by Pietro Corraini at Fruit, Bologna.
July – August 2016: Asterisk Summer School, Tallinn.
August 2015: Graphic Designer for GDFF, Gender Docu Film Festival, Rome.
June 2015: "Book Machine," workshop by Onestar Press, Peep-hole gallery, Milan.
August 2014: "Social Game," Open Set – Dutch Design Summer School workshops, Rotterdam.
March 2013: "Culinary publishing" by Paolo Ciampagna and Giuliano Chimenti, "Infographics" by Leonardo Romei, "Letterpress printing" by Paolo Ciampagna.
August 2012: "Illustration with linocut and letterpress" by Nick Morley at Opificio della Rosa, Montefiore Conca Castle, Rimini.